Merille C Glover, MFT - Phase of Life Transitions, Grief & Loss, Trauma, Abused Men/DV

  • Individual and Couples Counseling
  • Female on Male Domestic Violence/Abuse
  • Anger, Anxiety, and Depression Management
  • Advanced Integrative Therapy for Trauma
  • Active Duty Military


  • Assessment/Evaluation Reports
  • Clinical Consultation
  • Small Group Class Presentations
  • Conference Presentations/Papers
Payment and Fees:
Fee for Service: 
$110.00 per session
Clinical Consultation: 
$110.00 per hour
Small Group Class Presentations: To Be Determined
Conference Presentations
 /Papers:  To Be Determined
Ceridian Lifeworks
Blue Shield
Advance Integrative Therapy (AIT) for Chronic Disruptive Patterns:

This energy therapy is specifically designed to permanently remove traumatic patterns causing you repetitive distress. In AIT, we say that your current concern is connected to a past trauma and that the "negative lesson learned" drives your current responses. We work on the past trauma, the current upset, and the negative belief so that the whole ball of wax is released from your nervous system.

Some examples are:
  • current fear of strangers due to being attacked in the past;
  • being unable to take a test because an elementary school teacher read your poor test scores to the whole class;
  • becoming deeply depressed on the anniversary of a (not recent) death or traumatic event;
  • inability to speak your heart to your spouse or partner due to an unresponsive parent.
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