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About Me

I came to this work when I discovered that the only thing that fascinated me was us, human beings, and how we grow and change.

I was born of U.S. parents and grew up in various countries in Latin America. So I am a self-defined “Anglo-Latina.” This background gives me a unique window into issues of being “different” and of the deep desire to find “home.”

Being a divergent thinker, and a smarty pants, I did not take the path my family laid out for me. I am quite familiar with the struggle for authenticity and acceptance. And with the unpredictability and squirrely nature of life.

I’ve lived in most of the predominantly Latino states in the United States, yet spent thirteen years in Minnesota! That’s where I learned that the trick to surviving winter was to respect it—wear the down coat, get the four-wheel drive, keep the engine charged.

Turns out, that’s a pretty good lesson for most of the tough stuff in life. Respect what it is, and mobilize the internal and external resources accordingly.

Like most of us, I’ve had a few Big Fat Bad Things happen. Things that, without help, would have made a permanent dent in my goodwill toward life, and toward myself. Thank goodness the right help was there.

Which is why I’m here.

Call me. Let’s talk. 916.443.1606.

Merille C. Glover PhD, MFT

MFC# 48709



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