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The PeaceOut! Project was launched in response to the TMZ release of the elevator video of former Ravens running back Ray Rice and his wife Jana Palmer engaging in partner abuse.

In 2020, our efforts are focused on psychological abuse: what it is, how it wounds both men and women, how it makes our attachment systems insecure...and how to begin to grow the capacity to address it in our lives. A cultural competency piece addresses how to assess psychological abuse for the legal purposes of obtaining a U visa.

Formats include Master Classes, In-service Trainings, Small group presentation.

Look for updates!

Therapy and Consultation Services

 Evaluation and Therapy:

  • Individual and Couples Counseling
  • Immigration Hardship


  • Assessment/Evaluation Reports
  • Clinical Consultation
  • Small Group Class Presentations
  • Conference Presentations/Papers
  • Research



$150.00 per session

Clinical Consultation:

$150.00 per hour

Training: TBD.

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